Konopy CRM Customer Relationship Management. Explore The New Possibilities

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CRM for Visionary Business

simplicity for your business, Konopy Projects has proved to be most efficient cloud based project tracking and bug tracking tool.

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Custom Solutions

Simplify complex business processes with apps that will make your team’s work easier.

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For Multiservices Companies

Next Presentations ….

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Cloud Services

Clients, New Brands, Parnertships….

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We make the difference

We help innovators build worthwhile products.

full stack software engineering

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Don’t improvise. Improve.

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Cover all your bases.


From increasing your agents’ productivity, to crunching through performance metrics, to working in sync with other apps that you use, get to the core of your customer service efforts.

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Put customer service at the heart of your company.

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For agents


Agents have the right tools to be more productive.

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For managers


Managers are equipped to make the right decisions.

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Convenience is key.

Your help desk, truly yours.

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The Best Features

Get real-time reports and insights

  • Make smarter business decisions with powerful, real-time analytics
  • Measure and manage your organization’s territory-wide sales performance
  • Track key performance indicators, including current trends and future predictions
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Powerful analytics

Weigh decisions based on data from across your organization, from marketing, sales, and support. Interactive dashboards provide in-depth impact analysis of every potential business decision.

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Work together from wherever

share, and collaborate on files in your workspace, regardless of your location—all from Konopy CRM Workplace applications.

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Perfect for your Tracking Experience

Get ready to deliver superior customer experiences just by following every process off your clients

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Setup Guide

Beginners guide to Setting up Konopy App.

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