Tips to create your logo – branding an Idea

Before we start thinking what is going to be the final version of our logo your real pathway is about the concept what it will say about the business, if it reflex in a friendly way the idea that will define your brand and the most important decision to hired someone is if they get the Idea about how you feel about your business or if they can picture a good and beautiful concept for your brand. There is a definitive guide to define the concept that you want:

How would you like your logo?

1. Your logo type *

Choose the type of logo you would like for your business.

Icon only: Make a shape, image or design the main part of your logo.

Text only

Use your company name, plus tag line, as the main element.

Text + icon

Include both words and images in your logo design. I don’t have a preference

2. Your logo style *

Select one or two logo styles that best represent your business.  

BOLD & COLORFUL: if you prefer a vibrant, energetic, dynamic look for your business. you prefer intense color and patterns that pop.


3. Your logo colors *

Select up to 3 colors to include in your logo.  Not Sure? Talk to a Designer.

    Blue                       Purple   Pink Red Orange   Yellow    Green  Black  Gray White


Add a comment Tell us if you have certain color requirements.
I don’t have a color preference

4. Your logo inspiration

Attach any favorite logos or images to use as inspiration for your designer.

Add a comment Tell us if you have any specific image requirements.

5. Your company information

Please provide as many details about your company as possible so your designer can create the best logo for you.

What is your company name? *
If you have a slogan or tagline you would like to use in your logo, please include it here.
Please specify your industry. *
What products / services do you provide? *
Who are your main customers? We’ll make sure your logo appeals to these people.
If you have a website or social media account, please include it here to help your designer better understand your company. Don’t worry, we won’t share or publish anything on your site.
Any extra info? Add anything else you think might help with your logo creation.

the purpose of the logo

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