We create the best logos ▷ The graphic identity of your business in 2021

The design and conformation of your logo is the first impression of your Brand! Konopy is the creative agency you are looking for, a good logo that inspires trust and confidence in customers, that reflects the values ​​of your brand through the use of correct shapes, colors and fonts.

How do we help you create the perfect logo for your business or venture?

Konopy – Logo Maker- Ours Clients Houston

We offer a quick and easy design solution considering the following values ​​to transcend your brand:

  • We must know the audience you want to reach, this will be the starting point to define aspects such as colors and fonts to be used.
  • Define colors, from three to four maximum, with meaning to the relationship of your business activity, since they communicate and can drive and incite people: lively, striking and fresh.
  • Simple show only what is necessary, keep it simple and that the elements used complement each other.
  • We consider the typography: Legible, that identifies it, memorable, it must convey the personality of your company.

The important thing is that the target audience of your business recognizes it and becomes familiar with your service.

Why should I hire a professional to design my logo?

At Konopy we believe and are sure that the identity of a professional logo will improve your brand image, in addition to providing advantages over the competition.

The logo becomes an easily identifiable symbol and complements your web design, helping keep your business service in the minds of customers who will become loyal buyers.

The most important thing is that with us you have a professional design, with a good quality / price ratio, with budget projections that adapt to the client.

Konopy in 2021 follows the trend in logo creation

2020 made clear the way forward for the coming year. A professional logo should look impressive on all digital platforms of the moment. The world is mobile which means it should look great on small screens, and when zoomed in to a larger ratio it should be as good and readable as on your company website.

Overlapping logo designs are on the top right now, they are becoming a staple of service websites. They can take place over a single letter or shape or cover the entire original combination of different elements, allowing your brain to engage and communicate with it a bit.

We want your experience with our creative agency Konopy to be the most pleasant. 

If you have any questions or if you just want to send us a comment, we will be happy to help you!